CMT has undergone a few name changes over the last 19 years. It was started in 1994 by chief instructor Bobby Quinn, who had ear marked Michael Johnston and Tommy Ross as instructors/ fighters from the very start. The club started off under the camp of Master Sken and John Craig, as the world famous Sitnarong Camp. After a few years a new camp formed named the Siamdornadair Camp with John Craig as the chief instructor, and Bobby acting as chief instructor for the Cumbernauld and Central areas. This camp would produce a world champ plus both British and Scottish champs, back in the day when there was real quality fights, not just gym champs. Later Bobby and John O’Brian broke away to form the S.T.B.A. and the camp name again changed to NKT, with clubs opening up all over the Strathclyde, Central and Ayrshire areas. The camp has produced some of the top fighters ever to come out of Scotland: Stevie Sheddon, Alex Sneddon, Stevie Houston, Mikey Johnston, Chris Craig, Scott Robertson and the now world champs Ally Smith, Lloyd Cockraine and Chrissy Shaw, to name but a few. Thai boxing in Scotland has never looked better.

Back to the roots of the now named CMT which has been operating under the instruction of Mikey Johnston and Tommy Ross for the last 14 years. In the time it has seen the club produce some top quality fighters and instructors. Mikey and Tommy are the only two fully trained and qualified chief instructors, who have had the privilege of training with the likes of Master Sken, the late great Ramon Dekkers, Sandy Holt and Ronnie Greene, all of which are some of the biggest names in the sport to date. Mikey and Tommy have been graded to the equivalent of black belt 5th dans in most other martial arts. The next step for the guys would be to stay in Thailand and be graded as master, a dream which may one day be realised. In the whole CMT has come such a long way and are still growing and producing some great fighters/instructors.

After many years of dedicated training Thomas Slaven took over as instructor in 2013.