Cumbernauld Muay Thai

What is Muay Thai Boxing?

Muay Thai is an ancient martial art, some say dating back 300 years, others up to 3,000.  In its present form, it is the national sport of Thailand.  Practitioners, or Nuk Muay, learn punches, kicks, elbows and knees from their instructor, the Kru. It is for this reason Muay Thai referred to as “The Science of Eight Limbs”.   Muay is pronounced as “Moy”, like the oy in “boy”.  Competitions take place in a ring with gloves, similar to Western boxing.  At competition level, it is 100% full contact, and for this reason Muay Thai students are known for being exceptionally fit and well conditioned.

What do we offer?

Cumbernauld Muay Thai are unique in that unlike many martial arts classes, we realise that goals are achieved outside of the class and gym.  That’s why we offer bespoke nutritional and training programs to supplement your training.

You will be taught by first class instructors.  With over 25 years experience between them, you will be hard pressed to find better tuition.  You can view their biographies and achievements on the profiles page.

Our classes are unique, tailored to your needs and give you the chance to:cmt14

  • Learn an ancient, traditional and effective martial art
  • Lose weight and tone up
  • Build serious power and endurance
  • Learn real self defence that could save your life
  • Gain confidence and self affirmation
  • Gain recognition by progressing through our grading syllabus
  • Compete in full contact competitions and tournaments

We know that not everybody wants to compete: not everybody wants to grade: not everybody wants to spar.  For this reason, Cumbernauld Muay Thai classes are bespoke to each student, treating YOU as an individual.

Thailand’s culture is one of respect and humility.  We bring that same ethos into our class; and thus we make these promises to everyone;

  • cmt10You are welcome in our class anytime
  • You may visit our class to watch at any time
  • You will be treated with respect and kindness
  • You will never be treated as “just another student”
  • You will never be asked to fight, you must ask us first
  • You will never be asked to grade, you must ask us first
  • You will always work at your own pace towards your own goals
  • You will always be pushed to get the best from yourself

Why should I choose Cumbernauld Muay Thai?

We don’t have a set formula.  The paths to success are many.

YOU tell US what YOU want to get from the class, and we tailor your training towards that goal.

You will have a training partner from day one, and you will be able to practice strikes safely on kick and punch pads.

Many MMA and Thai Boxing classes don’t teach certain techniques, believing them to be of limited use in a fight.  We think this is wrong.  When we say we are a “traditional” class, we mean we will teach you every technique, from a straight jab to high spinning kicks.  We don’t hold back and we don’t compromise over anything.

How do I join?

Visit the classes page to check out times and prices, then just come along!